Inman Motocross Rules

Revised: January 1, 2014







2. All operators of a motorcycle or ATV MUST wear a D.O.T. approved safety helmet, boots and

gloves when riding in the park. Other appropriate safety gear is recommended.


3. No open riding is allowed in the park on race days or when the track is being maintained or

prepared for an event. The track is typically closed 1 week before an event. Call before you haul: 620-585-2877.


4. Only motorcycles and ATV’s are allowed on the track.


5. The track is directional – only ride it in the counterclockwise direction.


6. Do not ride on track if the track is muddy – we have spent a lot of money and time to build this

track – we want it to last.


7. STAY ON THE TRACK! Do not drive around jumps or other obstacles.


8. Non-members may be a guest of a member for riding purposes only when the member is present.

The member assumes all responsibility for the actions of the guest who must abide by the same

rules as members. Guest must pay a $10.00 per day per rider fee and sign the Guest sign-in form.

Drop payment and sign-in form in drop box by the main gate.


9. Membership allows entry to the track 7 days a week (except during race events and other special

park events) for the member and the member's immediate family only. Immediate family only

includes family living with Member.


10. No pets allowed in the track area. They pose a hazard to riders and the pets.


11. Normal everyday parking is located just inside the main (orange) gate. On race days and

organized practice days, parking will be located on the east side of the track.


12. All riders (including members) are required to sign a waiver before riding on open practice days

or race days.


13. Inman Motocross does not provide medical insurance for members or participants. Rider or

rider’s guardian is responsible for rider’s medical insurance.


14. Respect the park and facilities – keep the area clean. If trash receptacles are full or not

available, please take trash home with you – leave the park looking better when you leave than it

looked when you arrived.


15. Respect other riders – this is a public facility – all ages and levels of riders will use the track at

the same time – KEEP IT SAFE.


If you are found to not be following these rules, your membership could be revoked at the

discretion of the Inman Motocross officers.


CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL: Inman Motocross – 620.585.2877