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Membership Fees


  • $100 per family through July 31, 2017. $70 after August 1.
  • $10 per family through December 31, 2017 for Inman residents (have an Inman address)
  • EVERYONE must fill out the membership application form and return with payment per the instructions.
  • Keys will be mailed out weekly to applicants who have completely filled out the membership form and included payment.

NOTICE: From time to time the gates to the park are locked by the City of Inman for various reasons - usually because people are tearing up the east open field area by driving on it when it is wet. The north park gate and the main motocross gate will have the same lock so IMX members will be able to open both gates with the same key if necessary. Always make sure that the main motocross gate is locked again once you enter. If the north park gate is locked, make sure it is locked behind you once you enter also. If the north park gate is open, please do not lock it.

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